Small businesses are essential for the economy, with most businesses being in this category. If you do have a business that’s small, usually you’re the one that’s handling all of the products and order to the customer in a safe and easy manner. There are some supplies for shipping that the businesses need to properly utilize in order to ensure the right business results, and in this, we’ll highlight the top business supplies that you definitely want to consider. 

Mailers and boxes 

  • First, you need boxes and mailers for the products. 
  • Cardboard boxes are some of the best, since they oftentimes are better when being shipped about, and oftentimes are better for the environment. They also can handle some bigger options too. 
  • Mailers are better for items that are smaller and flatter, and ones that don’t require a big container. 
  • They also can offer self-sealing factors, and a variety of different colors and the like, making it much cheaper. 
  • Depending on the items that you do want to ship, you may want to choose the different styles and sizes hat are available for you to use, but you do have a lot of options on the types of shipping containers you want to use. 

Cushioning and Void fill 

Cushioning and void fill is a good thing to use when you’re trying to make sure that the inner contents of the packaging are secure. It’s good for when the product is susceptible to damage from shipping processes which are longer and rougher. This also offers mor protection, and of course, it can come in a bunch of different options. Bubble wrap, foam, peanuts and paper are some of the more common types of void fill. You usually need this for glass, ceramic, or porcelain products too. Kraft paper and shredded paper are also good too, and you can use air pillows to prevent shaking and jostling during transit, so it can offer a better packing experience of many people. It’s important to have all of these on hand at all times to make sure that the products are properly protected from the moment they leave to the moment it gets to the customer, in order to reduce the amount of different negative experiences that the consumers have with the company and the products too. 

Labels and Tape 

  • Now that you have the means of shipping and of course, the void to ensure that you’re getting the right amount that you need, it’s time to make sure you have tape and labels. 
  • Packing tape is good for cardboard boxes and you can even get it branded too. You also may want a tape dispenser to help with getting out the products a bit faster. 
  • As for labels, they come in different shapes and sizes, and even come with designs that offer a multipurpose solution. Putting a logo on there does help give you better brand awareness sand recognized by others too. You definitely want to invest in different labels for shipping, and other good labels that talk about what’s inside, such as fragile and the like, or you need to make sure it’s a certain side up. 
  • Plain labels are good to start out, and you can buy ones that really do make you stand out over time, as you grow as a business. 
  • So how can you stand out? Sometimes, being eco-friendly is a good way to begin, since it offers a value for your brand
  • You also may wat to consider custom boxes too. 

Regardless, the right shipping products make a difference, so make sure you use them accordingly.

The Hidden Truth of international Shipping 

The ecommerce market is growing globally, and it might seem like high time to start shipping overseas. The big thing is though that there are more regulations, a lot more taxes and duties, and even restrictions on what you can ship where. Here, we’ll go over some of the truths of international shipping for ecommerce, and why they’re important. 

Don’t Sell Everywhere 

Look at where the product demand is, since you want to make this as cost-effective as you can/. It doesn’t seem right to ship to places where you will lose money, or they’ll tax you. You want to make sure that you sell to the right places. 

Look at the following when choosing where to sell: 

  • The global trends for buying and where it’s highest 
  • Customer service requests and where they want your products. 
  • Various import restrictions that are in place so there aren’t issues at customs
Try to Use EU Shipping 

Earlier in 2021, the shipping within and to the EU is much easier. They overhauled the VAT tax, which was laws about how the tax and duties were paid out, and how the import paperwork was filed. 
The two biggest changes include: 

  • You don’t need to register and file taxes to the country that you’re shipping to, you just need to file the OSS filing for most EU countries. 
  • Imports that are less than 150 euros are subjected to it, if they’re valued at 22 euros or less than that, then they’re exempt from this. The EU removed this, but the regular tax and duty rates still apply to goods valued at 150 euros or more, so the address of the buyer does determine the VAT rate instead
The Duty and Tax Vary 

This isn’t a specific sort of number, but instead you have different fees for customs, which are  based on the value of the item, the category, and other sorts of factors. They must be paid before the package is able to be delivered, either by the recipient o you, and this does vary based on the costs. You definitely should know whether or not you will have to pay for it, since customers will abandon this when the shipping costs are more at checkout, and if you do cover this, it definitely makes you look better, and less money is wasted with fulfillment. 
When you’re trying to look at this, always make sure to check the duties and taxes calculator to understand the import costs, so that customers who do get international orders don’t have to worry about this. 

Save on Smaller Countries 
  • Regional and local couriers do offer better rates for smaller countries compared to FedEx. 
  • The big challenge is to find the couriers though, since you may not know what you’re dealing with. 
  • Some services offer the different couriers that you can use for shipment, and you can use a shipping calculator to do this. 
May not offer Free Shipping 
  • While free shipping is great, it’s not free for the person selling, since it can cause you to have to pay a lot more out of pocket. 
  • If you discontinue it, make sure to let them know, however make sure that you don’t discourage shipping within the US. 
  • It does help with conversions, but you should also understand that not every country is ideal for free shipping. 
  • Shipping internationally can be a bit of a challenge, but here, we offer different tips that can allow you to really get the most out of your shipping and the customers serviced.