How to Stop rust and Corrosion when you Ship Metals 

Shipping metals is a bit of a challenge simply because rust, or iron oxide, oftentimes can be hard to keep from rusting, especially if there is oxygen present in the atmosphere. This corrosion can ruin different metals including gold, platinum, and silver, and tarnishing happens as well. Over time, this can also impact the integrity of the metals you’re shipping, and some of the factors that contribute to corroding including water, humidity, salt, and other factors. Shipping around the world does put the metals at risk of getting damaged, especially if they’re being shipped across oceans and such. That’s why it’s important to protect against this, and here, we’ll discuss the best ways to prevent the corrosion and rusting of metals when shipping them. 

Silver saver 

This is a product that helps with metals including platinum, silver, and gold, from tarnish and corrosion. This is bleached kraft paper that has a formulation that absorbs various chemicals that cause corrosion, such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and other particles. It’s not hard to use on products, but also isn’t toxic, doesn’t contain sulfur, and offers protection for up to two years max. This comes in bags and rolls and is good for shipping most noble metal products. 

VCI Poly 

This is a film that stands for volatile corrosion inhibitor, which is used to protect products from rust, corrosion, and the like, while also eliminating grease and some oil. This protects the metals from the factors that cause corrosion, including water, chlorides, salt, moisture, and other factors. They’re made from polyethylene that’s low-density, and is transparent, strong, is resistant to moisture, and is heat sealable too. 

This comes in different types of bags including reclosable, gusseted, and even just regular bags, along with sheeting and tubing as well. 

VCI Paper 

This is paper which has been chemically treated and offers a safer environment for various ferrous metals, which of course are metals that have iron in them. The paper emits vapors that mix with the air in order to stop corrosion and rust, and is good not just for shipping, but storage too since it stops moisture along with oxygen from getting the surface of this. This is perfect for not just wrapping, but also covering the different metal components and parts, and it eliminates oil along with grease too, using it in both rolls and sheets. 

Stretch Wrap that has VCI 

This is another type of convenient means to reduce corrosion in a lot of products and is good for irregularly shaped metals and large parts that are there too. This does block moisture and other items that contaminate and cause the metals to corrode without grease or oil on them. VCI stretch wrap is available in hand film, along with machine film, and it’s used with normal stretch wrap equipment, so you don’t need to buy new equipment that can be a bit expensive. Regardless, these are some of the best ways to protect the different products that you have. Metals do corrode with time, and they can definitely impact a lot of people. 

Noble metal products do need a little bit of care when being shipped to the customers that you have, so you want to make sure that you offer the best protection so that they get to customers without harming them. You should look at the different options so that they suit the needs of your packaging, and if you plan to ship metals, know that you have options to prevent corrosion of your products, and keeping it  in one piece. 

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