What is LTL Shipping? 

Less than truckload or LTL shipping is a great, cost-effective way to move small goods and quantities. It also is pretty flexible to move plenty of small amounts of goods. Unlike the full truckload freights, this combines shipments from different businesses into one specific truckload, and you only have to pay for the space you’ll be using. There are many eCommerce businesses that is using this in order to set up their inventory, since it offers economies of […]

The Best Ways to Measure Products for Shipping 

When you’re shipping out packages, you do need to measure the products that you have in order to properly ship them. You can use this with different dimensions, which you can from there ship out from FedEx and USPS. This is important to get right, since if you do measure it correctly, you’re getting the correct shipping costs. If it ends up being unusually sized, or oversized, you will get charged extra, so know beforehand. So how do […]

Lidding films: what they are, and their uses

For some people, rigid packaging is how they usually like to ship stuff.  They may use plastic that’s hard, metal containers, or paperboard. But some customers like to have the peace of mind that their stuff isn’t contaminated.  One of the best ways to do this is by adding lidding to the containers.  But how can you do this? Is lidding films the best option?  Read on to learn a little more about this product, […]

When to use Desiccants? 

Desiccants are small substances that take moisture from the surrounding areas in order to keep the environment dry. They’re commonly used for products that may be damaged or corroded due to humidity in the environment, since tis creates a higher concentration of moisture within the air, and that in turn can degrade the items. Food, clothing, electronics, and even medicines are definitely transported with these, and there are different kinds. We’ll go over the different variants […]

How to Stop rust and Corrosion when you Ship Metals 

Shipping metals is a bit of a challenge simply because rust, or iron oxide, oftentimes can be hard to keep from rusting, especially if there is oxygen present in the atmosphere. This corrosion can ruin different metals including gold, platinum, and silver, and tarnishing happens as well. Over time, this can also impact the integrity of the metals you’re shipping, and some of the factors that contribute to corroding including water, humidity, salt, and other factors. Shipping around […]