Food Gift Card Giveaway

On a chilly Monday morning on December 1, the Star Gospel Mission distributed nearly 1,000 BI-LO food gifts cards, valued at $60.00 each, to some of the neediest people in the greater Charleston area. Many people began waiting in line for the free food gift cards since as early as noon the previous day. To qualify, recipients needed to be a minimum of 30 years of age and present a valid ID and Social Security number.

These cards were purchased through proceeds received from the annual Good Cheer Fund of the Post and Courier newspaper of which the Mission is one of six local charities who receive those resources and are enlisted to distribute them to the community. Besides distributing food gift cards, the Mission also assists people with: paying their rent and utility bills, emergency medical expenses, purchase eye wear, dental expenses, and provide for emergency transportation needs. In total, over $100,000 is given out to assist needy people throughout the Charleston community each year! The Star Gospel Mission is truly a blessing to so many in so many ways. We do far more than assisting formerly homeless men with their transitional housing needs.